Your IVF Process planning

1. Considering you plan your own egg and sperm program with PGT-A testing, in total, you will need to arrive twice in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2. On the first visit, you will need to arrive in Tbilisi, Georgia the day before your period (preferable), so we can arrange your consultation with the doctor on day one of your period and start medical stimulation right away.

3. Medical stimulation last 12-14 days, the process is supervised by a doctor, you will need to visit the clinic, have an ultrasound, and several lab tests during this period.

4. When the doctor informs you of the date of egg retrieval you will arrive in the clinic early morning for the procedure. After egg retrieval, you will stay in the clinic for 2-3 hours and then you are free to go back to your apartment. On the second day, you are free to go back to your country.

5. About the next steps we will keep you updated by Whatsapp or by email. On the second day of egg retrieval, the doctor will let us know how many mature eggs were fertilized, then we will need to wait for day 5 or 6 and see how many reach the blastocyst stage. This is the time when we also will know how many embryos were biopsied for PGT-A testing,

6. PGT-A testing takes time and around 2-3 weeks are needed until results are available.

7. Once we have results we can plan your second visit for preparation for embryo transfer.

8. On the second visit, you will need to stay here for around 16-18 days, and again based on medical team supervision your endometrium will be prepared for embryo transfer.

9. After embryo transfer you can stay in Tbilisi for one or 2 days and then you can again go back and do your pregnancy test there. We will be waiting for your update and hopefully, the tests will be positive.

General logistic planning

1. Arrival at Tbilisi International Airport, round trip taxi picks up will be provided. The driver will be waiting to have your printed names.

2. Agenda will be drafted for you specifically and you in advance will know all details of your trip here.

3. Since you are arriving and staying for 14-16 days you will need a hotel or an apartment, it’s quite challenging to rent an apartment only for 15 days but of course, it’s possible. We have to calculate the budget per day around 70-100 USD, We can also consider a hotel where your stay will be comfortable.

4. Coordinator will meet you on the first morning of your stay in Tbilisi and guide you further about your medical or logistic process.

5. Transportation from your accommodation to the clinic can be arranged easily by using local TAXI applications (download from Apps store) such as Bolt, Yandex, and similar. Where you link your card and payment goes directly without the need to have cash.

6. Public transport is well arranged in Georgia and further instructions regarding nearby café, bars, or transport will be provided based on the accommodation address.

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